Ford on the Range.. The Krinke Collection Story

Ford on the Range, The Krinke Collection Auction Story For some people, they can’t imagine wide open spaces, driving for miles without seeing another farm...
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Holy Convertibles Batman!… The Windels Collection

August 12, 2020
It Started with a 1962 Chevrolet Impala Convertible… the Windels Collection Convertible Horde Going to Auction They say that you never forget your first car....
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An Appointment of Trust

An Appointment of Trust One of the biggest honors that I have gotten in my auction career is to have been appointed to handle an...
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Not on my Radar… Auctions and COVID-19

April 6, 2020
Not on the Radar…. Auctions and COVID-19 Weather is something that an auctioneer pays attention to when conducting Live/Online auctions. Growing up on a farm...
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All in the Hunt

September 6, 2019
“All in the Hunt” Growing up on the prairies of Kansas, Joan McPherson was used to small town life. She headed off to college and...
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Cigars, Cars & Shirley – The Doan Collection

September 15, 2018
“Cigars, Cars, & Shirley” The Doan Collection Auction- AKA “Crooked Herman Pedal Cars” Born in Lincoln, Nebraska, just like any farm boy, Mr. Doan dreamed...
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How Much is that Dust Worth?

January 22, 2014
One of the Big Questions amongst Collectors on a Barn Find- is Wash or Not to Wash? Well, it all boils down to Who’s Dirt is it? What is the origination of that dirt? Was it the original owners, a second owner? What is under all that dirt? These questions...
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