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Auctions are an exciting fast-paced event. You can get caught up in the action really fast and it’s a wild ride. At VanDerBrink auctions, we want you to have a good time and be informed. Here’s some helpful hints when coming to our auctions. See you at the Auction!

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Video Tutorial for Website, Online Bidding, and Printing Catalogs

Need help bidding online or navigating our website? Watch the video below.

Auction “Lingo”

Lot – A grouping of items or an individual item offered for sale.

As-Is, Where Is -This means that no warranties are being offered- so look things over! When we declare SOLD to you, it is your responsibility and you must pay for the item. There are no returns. You, as a buyer, must make your own determinations to condition and use before buying. There is no buyer’s remorse. If a tornado take your car or item is stolen- you still must pay. It’s your pile of debris or item.Please watch your items and be responsible for them. You can come talk to me, Yvette, but most often you bought the item. I listen, but remember I’m working for the seller. If I’m working for you you’ll want me to make you the most money, too. We’ll try and be fair for both parties. We understand that “things” happen.

SOLD! – …means SOLD! Once the auctioneer fully says the word “sold” – the item is declared sold and new ownership has passed. It can not be opened back up unless there is a tie bid. The auctioneer will ask for the next increment or bid several times. If there is no more bids, then the item is declared SOLD!

Tie Bid -On occasion, the ring man and the auctioneer have the final bid at the same time. The auctioneer may choose to open it up only to those bidders, the man that the ringman had has to raise, the bid opens up again between the two, and then the item is declared sold. No one else can come in. Quite often, the auctioneer will say SOLD to my bid. The auctioneer’s ruling is final and it will not be opened up to tie bids. The announcer, or auctioneer at that time, will make the decision.

“Choice” – We love selling by choice. We will offer a grouping and the winning High Bid that is declared sold- will be able to pick from the group and take as many items as he/she wants times the bid. Example: Five fenders at $200.00. Then we go again to the “Next Choice” untill everything is gone or the rest to go as one lot.

“All to Go!” – Hands on Deck, It’s Goodie Time! this means that everything in that area or group is going together for one bid! You never know what you’ll get and it’s fun!

“You’re Out!” – Your last bid is no good and you need to bid again to be in.

“You’re In” – You have high bid or so far are the winning bidder.

Bidder Card or Number – This is required to bid and you need to show a valid driver’s license or your SS# to show to the clerks to get a number. The bid card forms a contract between you and the seller that is binding. You are responsible for your purchases and settlement must be made that day. It state the terms of the sale. By signing you agree to all these terms. You can not bid without a bid card. The number assigned to you, will represent all of your purchases. Get that number in the air and show a ringman, or auctioneer, so they know you are bidding. Quite often guys use other signals to show they are bidding. That’s fine but you must show the number when you win. Be careful not to lose your number. Often numbers are good for 2 days or multiple days of the same sale. We will let you know in the opening statements.

Buyer’s Premium – At VanDerBrink Auctions we occasionally charge a Buyer’s Premium. This is not charged on every sale, but sales that may have excess expenses or fees. This is a fee that is charged to the buyer on the total of the items or item bought. This fee covers the credit card fees that we are charged for their service. We must treat all buyers the same and, therefore, we charge the buyer’s premium to all methods of payment. This fee all covers some the expenses for the amenities for bidders at the auction. We charge as little charge for this as we can, if we need to charge a Buyer’s Premium.

More Helpful Auction Tips:

  1. Come to the previews, or early sale day, to check out items before the sale.
  2. View the website and descriptions-join the e-mailing list before the sale!
  3. Ask questions of the auctioneers or seller
  4. Call for more information or pictures before the sale.
  5. Get a bid number on preview day. Avoid the rush!
  6. Pay for your items when your ready to go home – end of the sale promptly.
  7. Have your driver’s license ready when getting your number.
  8. Watch the sale and know when your items will be sold.
  9. Bring your invoice along with you, when you pickup your items to show ownership – especially if the next day. This is also your record of the sale.

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