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5 Reasons to Why to Sell at Real Estate/Land at Auction:

  • You get immediate action!
  • People who have shown interest in your property must take action and commit because a date, time and place have been set.
  • It focuses all the attention of prospective buyers on your property. They must take notice and realize that your property will be sold to the highest bidder at a specific time and place.
  • The auction method has no criticism as to price to be sold. Courts, trustees, and businessmen everywhere, in most cases, have noted that if an auction is well marketed, advertised, and attended the fair market value will be determined.
  • It’s the only way to sell with good possibility of obtaining a higher price than the asking price.

VanDerBrink Auctions, LLC can handle all your real estate/land needs. When it comes to your real estate/land, you need a company that is going to look at your situation and see what method of selling is right for you. VanDerbrink Auctions can sell yourreal estate/land by auction and private treaty. VanDerbrink Auctions works hard to get the best dollar for our Sellers. We have proven this with many LAND, FARM, ACREAGE, and other real estate transactions. A successful auction or transaction takes marketing, planning, and professional service. VanDerBrink Auctions will work with you, to develop a plan that is right for your real estate or land, no matter how small or large the sale, we are here to work for you!

  • Yvette VanDerbrink is a licensed real estate/land broker in South Dakota and Minnesota and can sell real estate/land by auction or private treaty.
  • Yvette is also licensed in Wisconsin and North Dakota as an Auctioneer and can sell land and real estate in these states at auction.
  • WE firmly believe that real estate/land sells best at auction. We firmly believe that any sale that is well advertised with active bidding will bring what the market is that day and time. Auction is the only method that you may get MORE than you anticipated! We have proven this!
  • We work with you from start to closing on your transaction. We work with your attorney, title company, and make sure that the transaction is handled properly.
  • Farming background brings experience at selling land, farms, and acreages.
  • Online marketing is available to bring more bidders to your real estate auction!
  • We can do the whole package: real estate and personal property inventory!

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