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(Auction - Closed) Fabulous Collector Cars, Antique Tractors, Memorabilia & More! The Krinke Collection

Are you looking for a fabulous Rod Project, Award Winning collector car, wonderful memorabilia, parts and great antique tractors, look no further than the Krinke Collection Auction. Mr. Krinke was bor...View Auction Details

(Lot Item - Closed) 1957 Chevrolet Fuel Injected Belair 2dr HT

The Beneventi family had the Chevrolet Franchise for 88 years. This is part of the Don Beneventi collection. This absolutely rare and beautiful 1957 Chevrolet Belair Fuel Injected 2dr HT is a real...View lot item #7D

(Lot Item - Closed) 1987 Chevrolet Camaro RS Convertible

The Beneventi family owned and operated Beneventi Chevrolet in Granger, IA for 88 years. Don Beneventi sold the franchise this years. He will sell his personal collection of new cars and trades and...View lot item #14D

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