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…VanDerBrink Auctions has been utilizing the online service for over five years with great success. Online bidding provides more exposure for your auctions and potentially bringing more bidders to…

(Auction - Closed) Studebakers, Packards, Antique Tractors, & more! The Virgil Marple Collection

Virgil Marple and his wife traveled the U.S looking for Orphan Cars. His collection has over 40 Studebakers, many Packard’s, Pierce Arrow, Franklin, along with Chevrolet, and several antique tractor...View Auction Details

(Auction - Closed) Fabulous Chevrolet Collector Cars- The Don Beneventi Collection- LIVE Onsite and Online Bidding

The Beneventi family has sold Chevrolet cars since starting their dealership in 1932. Don and his family served the Iowa area and beyond with customer service and just the plain love of Chevrolet Cars...View Auction Details

(Auction - Closed) MOPAR Collector Cars- The Jim Gesswein Classic Car Collection Auction- LIVE Onsite Auction with Online Bidding

Jim Gesswein has been collecting cars for over 59 years. He owns and operates Gesswein Motors a Ram Dealership in Milbank, South Dakota. Gesswein Motors has been serving Happy customers around the wor...View Auction Details

(Auction - Closed) Fabulous Convertibles-Muscle- Antique Tractors & More! The Windels Collection LIVE ONSITE & Online BIdding

Ron Windel's first car was a 1962 Chevrolet Impala Convertible. That Impala started his collection of convertibles. Over the years, Ron and Carol have accumulated an impressive collection of Chevrolet...View Auction Details

(Auction - Closed) 1959 Cadillacs & More! The Brown Collection-ONLINE ONLY AUCTION!

VanDerBrink Auctions, LLC is pleased to bring you the Brown Collection. This collection has never been seen by the public and offers rare and wonderful projects. Mr. C. Brown loved the hunt and bringi...View Auction Details

Online Bidder Registration & Tutorials

…VanDerBrink Auctions, LLC would like to thank you for choosing to register as a bidder for our auctions. Online Bidders may pre-register and place bids prior to the live…

(Auction - Closed) Iowa Muscle Car Hoard at Auction! The Coyote Johnson Collection Auction

Coyote Johnson chased those Muscle cars on the street and to collect. He would get those classifieds and buy all the muscle cars from his Glory Days. The collection has never been seen by the public,....View Auction Details

(Auction - Closed) Get Ready! See you There! Bob Regehr Collection! 130 plus Vehicles! 20-1932 Fords and more American Classics!

Bob Regehr loved collecting cars. After business Success, he created an astounding collection of 140 plus vehicles. There is everything from Camaros, Corvettes, 1950's GM cars, Ford and one of this fa...View Auction Details

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Check out Hot Rod Magazine's August 2018 feature on VanDerBrink Auctions and its Rietz Mopar Collection Auction.

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