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1957 Chevrolet Fuel Injected Belair 2dr HT Lot #7D

The Beneventi family had the Chevrolet Franchise for 88 years. This is part of the Don Beneventi collection. This absolutely rare and beautiful 1957 Chevrolet Belair Fuel Injected 2dr HT is a real looker with an amazing history. VC57B181991. Title. This car was a factory GM test car in Phoenix, AZ. They were testing a 1958 Fuel injection unit and had it installed on this car. Don says, when they rebuilt the injection unit, they noticed markings by engineers and other marking on the underside of the injection unit. Don learned from another dealer friend about this car and worked to find the car. The car had been put back in inventory on the lot and a man bought the car. GM called and wanted the fuel injection unit and car back, but he said “NO!”. The car was traded back and Don found the car and bought it. He brought it back to the dealership in Iowa. The car is a beautiful turquoise in color. The car is has been repainted and runs is absolutely beautiful. The car has a 283 V8 that has a GM experimental fuel injection unit on it for 1958. The car has a mild cam when work was done and the car has a beautiful lope to the idle. The fuel injection unit is the same one and was never returned to GM and has been with this car, this is what Don was told and his understanding. There is no documentation to this fact. Just the markings Don saw and information from the dealer friend and the gentleman that he got the car from. It has an automatic transmission. The car has a turquoise and black bench seat. Clock and AM radio. There are 49,765 miles on the odometer. The car has beautiful stainless and emblems and I can’t say enough, absolutely beautiful. Drives beautiful. This is an absolutely beautiful car and selling at no reserve on July 25th, 2020 in Granger, IA. This is part of the Don Beneventi Collection. Preview is available and or Friday July 24th, 2020 at the Granger Chevrolet dealership. Selling AS IS and all sales are final. Please take advantage of preview and call if you have questions. All sales are final. Buyer’s are responsible for reviewing pics and information and bidding accordingly. Payment is within 72 hours. Money wire or verified funds only. Buyer is responsible for all shipping and costs. Removal within 7 days. For more info and auctions

VIN: VC57B181991

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Saturday July 25, 2020
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