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1959 Laverda Sport 98 Lot #53AB

5) 1959 Laverda Sport 98: Laverda began manufacturing 75cc OHV (overhead valve) motorcycles in 1949, eventually growing into the Sport 98 with embossed logo stamped into the sides of the distinctive fuel tank. This small displacement is best known their endurance in the overnight long distance Milan to Taranto rally of 600+ miles. In the 1953 Laverda Sport 98 won the first 14 finishing places in the under 100cc class! Ultimately Laverda developed a three cylinder touring bike with a full fairing that included an automotive fuel filler door with no gas cap on the top of the fuel tank! This is part of the motorcycle weekend at the National Motorcycle Museum June 25th, 2022. Live onsite and online. Sold As IS and all sales final. Money wire or verified funds. CC ADM fee may apply. Removal within 7 days. Payment is immediate. Buyer responsible for shipping and costs.

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Vintage Motorcycle Auction & Open House! National Motorcycle Museum!

Auction Type
Live On-Site With Online Bidding
Saturday June 25, 2022
National Motorcycle Museum- 102 chamber Dr., Anamosa, Iowa, 52205

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