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Rare and Amazing Collector Cars At Auction.. The Grant J. Quam Collection

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Saturday September 26, 2015
10:00 AM


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1 CLOCK 120

1Q Mobil Gas Double Sided Porcelain Sign with 1600


2q Mobil Gas Double Sided Porcelain Sign $1600



4Q Carter Carburetor Cabinet $175


5q Monro-Matic Advertising Piece $250

6 SERVICE CANS – 2 $35

6q Col-Tex Gasoline Globe $450

7q Prestone Porcelain Thermometer $200

8q AC/Sparkplug Display Unit $525

9 OIL BOTTLE $57.50

9Q 1929 Oldsmobile landau 4dr Sedan $7000 3

10q 1934 Ford Phaeton $45,000 2-

11q 1934 Chevrolet Master Phaeton $53,000 2-


12Q 1934 Plymouth Touring-Phaeton $45,000 3-

13q 1936 Pierce Arrow Country Club 2dr Roadster $85,000 Not Sold 4

14Q 1937 Lasalle Sedan 4dr Convertible $48,500 3

15Q 1936 Graham Super Charged 4dr Sedan $28,000 3

16Q 1925 Kissel Model 75 Gold Bug Speedster $150,000 Not Sold 2

17Q 1922 Detroit Electric Model 90B $48,000 3


18Q 1920 Peerless Model 56 4dr Roadster $101,000 4

19Q 1918 Peerless 4dr Limosine $30,000 3

20Q 1913 Studebaker Model 25A Touring $25,000 2

21Q 1913 Overland 5 Passenger Touring $20,500 3

22Q 1912 Overland Model 51 4dr Touring Car $10,000 4-

23Q 1957 Studebaker Supercharged Golden Hawk Coupe $31,000 3

24Q 1963 Studebaker Avanti Coupe $13,000 4

25Q 1959 Chrysler 300E 2dr HT $18,250 4

26Q 1958 Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner Retractable $16,500 3

27Q 1955 Cadillac Eldorado Coupe Deville $7,500 4-

28Q 1951 Chevrolet Deluxe 2dr Sedan Slant Back $20,500 3

29Q 1954 Kaiser Manhattan 4dr Sedan $5,350 4-

30Q 1974 Chrysler Imperial Lebaron $5,750 3-

31Q 1937 Oldsmobile Business Coupe $11,250 4

32Q 1929 Plymouth 4dr Sedan RR5878 $4,400 4

33Q 1952 MG TD Roadster XPAG17694 $18,000 3

34Q 1936 Mercedes Heritage Model Replica $18,500 3

35Q 1929 DeSoto Sport Coupe $5,500 5

36Q 1956 Hudson Hornet 4dr Sedan $2,250 5

37Q 1936 Pierce Arrow Sedan $10,000 5

38Q 1937 chrysler Air Flow 4dr Sedan $2,500 5

39Q 1939 Mercury Convertible $7,500 5

40Q 1939 Mercury 2dr Sedan $7,250 4-

41Q 1935 Ford Tudor Sedan $6,500 4-

43Q 1934 Buick 4dr Suicide Sedan $2,000 5

44Q 1941 Ford Tudor Sedan $1,000 5

45Q 1932 Plymouth 4dr Suicide Sedan $4250 6

46Q 1933 Chevrolet 4dr suicide Sedan $1500 6

47Q 1934 Buick 4dr Suicide Sedan MODEL 47 $2000 6

48Q 1937 Oldsmobile Coupe $2250 5

49Q 1937 Oldsmobile Convertible $1200 6

50Q 1937 Oldsmobile 4dr Suicide Sedan $500 6

51Q 1933 Chevrolet 4dr Suicide Sedan $1750 6

52Q 1937 Plymouth Coupe 10407497 $3750 6

53Q 1939 Mercury 4dr Sedan 48904 $1500 6

54Q 1934 Plymouth 4dr Suicide Sedan $2800 6

55Q 1930 DeSoto 4dr Sedan $2100 6

56Q 1935 Ford Truck $3250 5-

57Q 1942 Ford Pickup BB186856010 $1900 5-

58Q 1958 Hillman Minx 4dr Sedan $1000 5

59Q 1954 Kaiser Special 4dr Sedan $750 6

60Q 1936 Hudson TerraPlane 4dr Sedan $1050 6

61Q 1939 Mercury 2dr Sedan $1700 6

62Q 1932 Plymouth Coupe Project $2000 6

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  • “Sell them Good!" said Toppy and Vanderbrink Auctions delivered; that is the cars and all the police memorabilia in Nevada, Missouri last October 31, 2008. This private collection of cars, 60 in all, was a 50 year passion for cars by one 96 year old retired pharmacist. It took over seven months to get them cleaned up and running, (all but one) and they all sold in less than three hours. It was an amazing sight! Yvette and her family came to give it all they had and, "Sold them Very Good". So good that she is in charge of our next big auction this October. We never even considered any other auctioneer, Yvette has exceptional skills, insight and energy, and with the personal touch that means so much; after all it took Toppy 50 years to collect the masterpieces; Yvette Vanderbrink handled the project with the pride "Toppy" deserved.”

    – Toppy Clark & Son

  • “Thank you very much for all your help. You are the best auctioneer I have ever worked with, you always return calls promptly and you always have the answers to my questions. Larry goes to at least 30 auctions per year and I’m always happy when Larry is going to one of your auctions. Larry is also impressed with you and he doesn’t say things like that much. Thank You!”

    – Darby Z.

  • “I believe I've said 'Thank You' several times already and I do greatly appreciate your determination and experience. I've strongly praised you to my family and friends for the beautiful video you put together for Henry on the website. It's no wonder you have such a strong, widespread following! Thanks, again!”

    – Twila Bents, The Henry Bents Estate

  • “We were so pleased with our auction yesterday we don't know how to thank you. We had never attended an auction that was so well organized, and went so smooth. The screen made a world of difference, every one could see the items on the block so easily. The internet calling in to join in the auction was just wonderful. You must have advertised in just the right places to have that many calls during our auction.

    We want to let you know that if we hear of anyone needing an auctioneer, you will be the first to be recommended. Again, thanks so much for being so organized, and doing such a splendid job for us. Bless you.”

    – Milt and Audree Beyer, Classic Cars - Gas & Oil Signs & More at Auction

  • “Glad to have done business with you and your company. We will need to do this again at a later time. Thank you and tell your staff how much we appreciate them and their expertise.”

    – Joyce Merriman, Carl Davis Collection

  • “Thank you VanDerBrink Auctions for a great Sale. WE are absolutely thrilled with the results and thank you. It was amazing that over 300 on-site bidders from 23 states and 2 countries and over 130 on-line bidders from all over the US and 4 countries were actively bidding for our collection. Thank you also for donating your services and commissions for the Sale of the 1932 Ford BB truck to the V-8 Foundation!”

    – Ron & Shirley Stauffer; Portland, Indiana

  • “The sale was conducted very well, lots of buyers (good marketing!), good prices, nice selection of cars (something for everyone!).

    I am very pleased with the final bid of our car. I honestly didn't expect it to sell as high as it did.

    You are a class act, Yvette! Thank you for allowing us to sell our car during the sale. I felt like it belonged there, with the rest of RCs cars. It was a good thing.”

    – Jill Edinger

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