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Yamaha Custom XS650 Motorcycle Lot #21A

Yamaha XS650 powered, made by Lee Wimmer, IMBBA Master Builder and Hall of Fame Member, Wimmer Custom Cycles of Murals Inlet, South Carolina. The bike debuted at the 2013 Easyriders show, won Best of Show award. Custom machining from the brass bar ends all the way down to the custom made tri bar rear axle nuts, transforming what was once a humble Yamaha run of the mill XS650 into this really unique machine. One-off suspension both in the radical front forks and in the rear with the mono-shock swingarm. Mileage unknown. (TITLE???)This is part of the motorcycle weekend at the National Motorcycle Museum June 25th, 2020. Live onsite and online. Sold As IS and all sales final. money wire or verified funds. CC ADM fee may apply. Removal within 7 days. Payment is immediate. Buyer responsible for shipping and costs.

VIN: 50-211417

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Vintage Motorcycle Auction & Open House! National Motorcycle Museum!

Auction Type
Live On-Site With Online Bidding
Saturday June 25, 2022
National Motorcycle Museum- 102 chamber Dr., Anamosa, Iowa, 52205

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